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Thank you for considering fostering an ARK dog or cat. The following information will allow us to determine what animals will be the most compatible with your family and lifestyle. The animal's welfare is our primary consideration when placing with a foster home and when completing an adoption so some applicants may be refused if we feel our criteria is not met. ARK reserves the right to refuse an applicant without further explanation.

You must meet the following criteria before you are able to foster a pet:

  • Be 21 years of age or older

  • Have identification showing your present address

  • All members of the household agree to foster the pet

  • Have the consent of your landlord in writing to show to us

The Humane Society Animal Rescue Klub reserves the right to refuse a foster or adoption to anyone. Please complete the following questionnaire qnd fax or mail it to the above address so an ARK volunteer may review it.



Home Phone:_______________________________________________
Work Phone:________________________________________________

1. Why are you interested in fostering a dog/cat? ______________________________________




2. Do you have any preferences as to breed, age, sex, length of hair, etc.?
Please specify: _______________________________________________________________________


3. Have you ever owned a pet before? YES NO
If yes, do you still own it? YES NO
If no, what happened to the animal: ____________________________________________________

4. What pets do you currently have in your household? (Use back of form if necessary)
Name Dog/Cat________________________________


Kept Where? _________________________________

Age ___________________________________

Approx date of last shot series and type of shots*____________________________


5. List pets owned in the past 5 years other than those listed above
(use back of form if necessary)

Dog/Cat Spayed/Neutered Kept Where? Time Owned? What happened to pet? 6. Who is your current veterinarian? __________________________________________

What is the phone number and/or address?________________________________________

Previous vet?___________________________________________________________________

Previous vet phone number ______________________________________________________

Will you allow us to contact your vet for a reference check? YES NO

If yes, please sign here _____________________________________DATE__________

7. Are you employed?

Yes, full-time Yes, part-time NO

If yes, please list your (or your spouse's) employer's name, address, and telephone number:


8. Do you live in a: (Please circle one) House Apartment Townhouse Mobile Home
Do you rent or own? ______________

If you rent:

does your landlord allow pets? YES NO
how much is your pet deposit? _____________________
are you willing to provide us with proof of payment of your pet deposit and a copy of your lease stating pets are allowed? YES NO
9. Is there a limit to the number or size of pets allowed? YES NO

Does your lease require that cats be declawed? YES NO

10. How long have you lived at the above address? ___________ years _____________months

If less than 5 years, how many times have you moved in that time period? _______________

11. How many people live in the household? __________ adults _________ children (18 & under)

12. Do all the adults in the home know you are planning on fostering a pet? YES NO

13. What are the ages of the children that are in the house?______________________________________

14. Do any family members have allergies to animals or asthma? YES NO

15. Who will be the primary caretaker of the pet?_______________________________________________ 16. Do you feel comfortable taking the animal to vet appointments and to Adopt a Pets? YES NO

17. How will you transport the animal to appointments and Adopt a Pets?

18. Where will the pet be kept during the day? ______________________ At night?___________________

19. How many hours a day are you gone?_________________

20. Do you have a doggy door? YES NO

21. For what reason, if any, would you feel compelled to give up an animal? (Circle all that apply)

Housetraining problems Litterbox problems Animal aggression People aggression
Medical expenses Size (too big) Not enough time for pet Children no longer living at home
Fence jumper/gets out of yard Destructive in yard/home
Other (explain)_____________________________________________________

22. Will you authorize a visit to your home before or after fostering a pet? YES NO

If yes, please sign here_____________________________________

Dog Fosters answer the following questions:

23. Do you have a fenced yard? YES NO If yes, what kind?___ ________________ How high is the fence?_______________ 24. Do you have a pool? If yes, please describe: __________________________________________

25. If you live in an apartment or do not have a fence:
Are you willing to walk your dog when it is cold, dark, or raining? YES NO

26. Are you prepared to housetrain a dog? YES NO

Would you return a dog if you have difficulty housetraining him? YES NO

27. What will you do if your dog soils the floor or chews the furniture?___________________________

28. Do you know what heartworm disease is? YES NO

29. If you own a dog, what is your current heartworm prevention program?________________________

30. How will you ensure your dog stays on your property when you are not there? (Please circle all that apply)
In house Kennel/dog run outside Fenced yard On chain/rope Garage
Patio On leash in house In a crate in house
Other ________________________________

31. Are you willing use a crate if recommended? YES NO

If no, why not?___________________________________________________________________

Cat Fosters answer the following questions:

32. Would you like your cat to have the freedom to go outside? YES NO

33. What will you do if your cat develops litter box problems?___________________________________

34. What will you do if your cat scratches the furniture? _______________________________________

35. If you have a dog, has it been exposed to cats? YES NO

Animal Rescue Klub
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Carrollton, TX 75011-7091
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